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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!!

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!  Did I mention that there's rewards???
Yes -- for Companies and Individuals!!
You're excited about my project but maybe you forgot to notice there's a lot in it for you when you become a backer!  This blog is dedicated to reviewing everything you could be getting when you make a pledge today!  Take a look:

Even if you don't have a cent to pledge or a way to pledge, you can still donate a FREE dollar when you sign up for the Red Tricycle newsletter and put "Dirties on Diapering" in the referred by box!  Even if you make a money pledge, please still do this -- $1 can add up!  They are only doing this until 3/31, so hurry!  Here's the link:

It might not feel like $1 is much, but those little babies add up!  And as a Thank You for your offical $1 or more pledge, you now qualify for all of my backer giveaways!!  Giveaways are for cloth diapers and accessories!  And because these giveaways are for backers only, you have an awesome chance to win!  Also, if the project is successful, you will be entered into the biggest giveaway of all -- a chance to win a dozen cloth diapers of your choice! -- any brand and style!  Wow!  You can't beat that for just $1!

For just $15 you will be one of the first people to receive a copy of the book upon completion!  This is a full color hard cover book and will retail for a lot more than $15 when it comes out.  This is an amazing deal and it all goes to helping get the word out that cloth diapers are important for babies, parents, and the environment!

For just a bit more, you can get a full poster size photo print in addition to a copy of the book!  This poster size print will be a full color image from the published pages of the book.  When the time comes, I will select a few different images, and you will have the opportunity to choose which image you prefer.

Along with your copy of this book, you will receive a cloth diaper!!  That's an amazing deal!  And the best part is -- you can choose any brand or style of diaper available!  A book, a cloth diaper, and helping other choose cloth!  ***Insert warm fuzzy feelings here.***

This is the ultimate package deal for individual backers!  You will receive a copy of the completed book, a cloth diaper of your choice -- yes, any brand and style! -- cloth wipes, and a poster sized image from the book!!!  You can have it all!


PLEDGE $250 or more
Your name will appear in the special Thank You section in the front of the book!  Don't forget this book is being published across the nation and beyond through & at Barnes and Noble!  And those are just the guarenteed places!  This book will also be available from the publisher to retailers at a discounted price -- so it will probably be available in many eco baby stores too!  Along with your name in the book, you will also get 2 poster size prints from the book and 5 copies of the book to give to co-workers, family, friends, or even your valued customers!  It's up to you!

PLEDGE $500 or more
Not only will your receive all the rewards of the $250 level, but you will get your name and logo in the back of the book in the Company Directory!!  Along with your name and logo, you will get 500 words to tell us about your company, program, or product!  That's the cheapest advertising rate I've ever heard of!  Plus, you'll get an extra poster and 5 more books -- making a total of 3 poster size images from the book & 10 books to share as you wish!  Win!

PLEDGE $1000
This is where it's at for cloth diaper companies!  My cover shot will be of babies wearing cloth -- will your cloth diaper be on the cover?  All cloth diaper companies who pledge this much will see their diaper on a baby on the cover!  One baby per company, per $1000.  Your diaper will be seen by everyone who even glances at the book!  Plus, you'll still get all the goodies from the $500 level too!  Sweeeet!  :-)

Head on over to and make your pledge today!  Everything is done securely through so you know you can feel safe. 

Nobody will be charged unless the project funding is successful by April 27, 2011.  If we don't meet funding goals, nobody is charged and nothing happens... except that I have to start allll over!  So if you pledged before, this is my third try, and you may need to re-submit your pledge.  Please head on over and check! Tweet This

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