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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cloth Diaper Auction!

Get excited for some great deals on gently used cloth diapers!  All diapers being put up for auction are stain-free and in excellent condition.  You will find everything from Nifty Nappy (sponsor), BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Thirsties, gCloth, and the list goes on!  You'll find covers, AIOs, wool, inserts, and more!  The auction price will also include shipping within the country the diaper belongs to.  Final purchase will go through PayPal and will be expected within 48 hours.
This event is being put on by SAPsMaMa: Natural Parenting in the Modern World.  You can find them on Facebook by clicking here.  There is a list of many items up for auction under their "Discussions" tab. The auction will take place on their Facebook page.  Also, be sure to check out the SAPsMaMa blog where you can find all of the latest reviews, giveaways, and information about natural parenting in the modern world!

Gently Used Cloth Diaper Auction
Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 8:30pm CST

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

YoreGanics Review & Giveaway!

**UPDATE #2**
Yay!!!  So, I actually ended up doing an overnight soak in the Brightener & Whitener using that same diaper with the old stain.  And most of it really did come out!  Wow!  Amazing!  There is barely a spot in the middle where the stain was really thick, but I am very impressed with the results!  In fact, impressed enough I'm getting out some of my old clothes to do it with too!  Here's the pic ---------->>

UPDATE:  I have been informed that the old stain will come out if I do a 6-hour soak w/the Brightens & Whitens!  The test is on!!  Results published tomorrow!

**GiveAway Closed: Congrats to the winner, Melissa Phinney!**

While searching for green giveaways from various companies to help support my Dirties on Diapering photo journalism project, I was approached by a company called YoreGanics to do a Review & Giveaway on their laundry products!  It says right on their product that it is great for cloth diapering, so I gave it a shot!  I tried three of their products -- soap nuts, stain remover, and the brightens & whitens.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about putting nuts straight from a tree in with my laundry!  Especially my cloth diapers, which cost more than most of my clothes!  I had never even heard of this!  But when I opened up the little cloth bag, I could see that you tie them up in a small pocket-size cloth pouch so nothing gets into your clothes!  These soap nuts come from trees in Northern India and Nepal and contain a natural soap when agitated in water.  There is nothing added to these nuts, they are 100% natural and free of chemicals and fragrances!
My current laundry soap is just the ALL Free & Clear from the Fred Meyer around the corner.  I've always noticed that my diapers are clean, but after a bit they start holding smells.  About once a month I run a little bleach through and it seems to help, but even with the double rinse it leaves a bit of bleach smell too!  My biggest compliment to using YoreGanics soap nuts is that not only is there no smell at all to the soap, but it leaves no smell at all!  I don't know how it does it, because even form experience with other brands of natural soap there is sooome sort of smell, be it from the soap or the laundry or the water.  With the soap nuts there was nothing!  It was like they were brand new!  The other great thing about the soap nuts is that you can re-use the same nuts for a few washes!  When they start getting thin, you just toss them and get a new set.  I think that you could get even more loads out of a bag than what it says!
I also tried the Brightens & Whitens pouch.  Also no smells!  You just soak your laundry in a bit, dissolved in water before washing.  I do feel like they brightned up a bit!  It wasn't significant, but I feel like if you used this over time that it would really help keep your clothes and diapers in shape!  There's no bleach, so you're not going to wear away at your fabric.  It was very gentle and I would definitely recommend trying this to those who don't like the harshness of bleach!
The last thing I tried was the stain remover!  There seems to be a slight but sweet scent, but nothing that stays through the wash.  It comes in a spray so it's easy to put on.  You just squirt a bit on the stain, let it sit a few minutes, scrub if needed, and throw it in the wash!  I tried it on two different diaper stains... one old, and one new.  The new one was after my girl at blue-berries, ew I know, but I had to try it!  Those are the ones that really stick around!  It got the new stain out no problem!  Yay!!!  However, the old stain stuck around.  I wish I would have had the stain remover 3 months ago and the old one would never have been there!  So, for the stain remover I would recommend as long as you spray it on right away!  You could even spray it on right before you threw it in the pail so that it would have already sat by the time you do laundry that night!

I'm so glad I gave YoreGanics laundry products a try!  I really do love them for my cloth diapers!  And you can too!!!  They are going to give one of my readers a trio to try also!  To enter the giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog saying why you are excited to try YoreGanics!  The winner will be chosen at random by Friday, 10/22/2010 at 4pm PST!  Thank you so much to YoreGanics and my readers for supporting The Dirties on Diapering!

Old Stain BEFORE

Old Stain AFTER

Fresh Stain BEFORE


Fresh Stain AFTER
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 Days Left!

Just 3 days left to fund "The Dirties on Diapering!" This morning the local newspaper printed an exciting article about the project! You can read it here: Hopefully that will help spread the word, at least locally, and maybe help people elsewhere that may be skeptical see that I'm a real person doing a real project!
Also, I've had people questioning the financial breakdown of where the money will go, so here's a brief look:
Publishing Costs: $2,000
Backer Rewards, Books, & Cloth Diapers for backers: $3,000
Journalism costs (travel to landfills, hospitals, companies, science labs,etc. plus some needed equipment and legal): $3,000
Also, I'll be posting an update Friday with a list of everyone who has won something along the way so if you missed your name you don't miss out!
Be on the lookout for my review on YoreGanics this afternoon right here on my blog!  I will be having a giveaway too! And don't forget to follow me on Facebook for even more giveaways!
Thank you to everyone for all of your support! You rock!

Jamie Wilkinson @sugarsnapphoto
Sugar Snap Photography
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's been a bit since I've been able to update everyone, but now it is time for a 4-day marathon!  The end of Round 2 funding is coming to an end this Saturday at 12pm/PST.
Today I am working on a winner's list so people have a place to go check if they have won!  We have been giving away lots of goodies, and there are more to come!  If you are a company with a giveaway, it's not too late!  Just let me know what you would love to give one of my backers and I will be sure to post it and get you the winner's information!
Also today, I am working on a general break-down of the project costs so that everyone knows where the money is going!  I've had a few questions about publishing and production costs.
If you live in the Portland, OR area be on the lookout for the Gresham Outlook tomorrow!  Wednesday's paper will have a story about this project!  I hope that will bring in the much needed last minute pledges!
I definitely need everyone's help spreading the word about this project!  I'm working hard to keep up with both the project deadline and my family.  I would really love to see us make it this time around!  I know we can do it!  Thank you again to everyone for your amazing support! Tweet This

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cotton Babies Gift Certificate Giveaway!

We are sooo close to hitting $1,000!  Don't forget, I will be giving one lucky backer a $20 gift certificate to when we reach $1,000!  You only need to pledge $1 to be entered to win!  Thank you again everyone for your support! Tweet This

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Updates, Giveaways, Blogs -- OH MY!

It's been an exciting Round 2 with lots of give aways and more to come! We are already down to 16 days left, and funding is starting to slowww again! Let's get out there and spread the word any way we can! Here's what I have going right now...
I'm still nudging last time's major sponsors -- they haven't responded yet, so I'm thinking they are just very busy (especially BG with their exciting new prints). So I could use all the help you can with nudging them! Major sponsors from Round 1 were: GroVia, BumGenius, & Diaper Junction. Don't forget to remind them that they have to RE-pledge because nobody was charged during the first try and all pledges were void. And of course keep nudging ALL of your favorite cloth diaper and green baby companies! Anyone is potential major sponsor!
I've been talking to a local newspaper about an article about it! That's exciting! The Gresham Outlook -- a Portland suburb newspaper is interested in the story, but it probably won't be published until toward the end since the reporter writing about it won't be back in town until the 18th.
And of course, keep tweeting and writing about it! We've made it to $800+ with just small pledges! That's impressive! Every little bit counts!! Here's some links to a few recent blogs:
Mirthful Motherhood:
Diaper Parties by Tanya:
Thank you so much for spreading the word!!!! You guys are amazing!
Also, if you are in the Portland area, don't forget this Saturday I am teaching a Cloth Diapering 101 Class at Eco Baby Gear on Division at 1pm. Give them a ring to reserve your spot!
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Award of Inspiration

I am honored to have received an "Award of Inspirtation" from Healthy Child Healthy World!  Thank you everyone for your support, you all deserve this too! Tweet This

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grab the Widget!

Keep everyone on your webpage updated on "The Dirties on Diapering" status with my Kickstarter widget!
Grab it from my Kickstarter page, or copy and paste this code:

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This is a great & simple way to spread the word to everyone you know online!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Person CAN Make a Difference!

Yeah!! We reached $800 today, and that's without the major sponsors adding their pledges back on yet! That means it's all been from the little guys -- which proves that every little bit adds up! Thank you guys for your support! I am so excited, that I am going to buy a random backer a $20 gift certificate to when we reach $1,000! So go spread the word! Because every bit counts!  Thank you again!!!  You guys rock! Tweet This