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Monday, November 1, 2010

Cloth Diapers in Hospitals Idea

Alright, so I've been brewing up some ideas about ways to both promote cloth diapering and help my "Dirties on Diapering" book project.  I've been especially excited about one idea that has been brewing in my brain lately.  I think it would be awesome to find some cloth diaper companies interested in donating some cloth diapers of any kind to a "Newborns in Cloth" project.  I go to the very well known Children's Hospital at Emanuel here in Portland, Oregon every week for my daughter's occupational and speech therapies.  I though it would be fun to make packages for nurses to give new moms as gifts that include one cloth diaper, a packet of informaiton about cloth diapering, and a free newborn photo shoot by me in the cloth diaper they receive!  I would of course get a model release for shared rights with the company that donated the diaper so that they get the photo in return for donating the diaper.  I wouldn't be making any money, but would at least be creating some awareness!  Also, I am adding a donation button to my webpage here to my paypal account for the project.  However, note that this is no longer through Kickstarter, so it is a donation only and nothing more.  The reward is simply helping more mamas choose cloth diapers, and in return helping our earth, baby's health, and even parents!  This way might be slower than having all of the funding up front, but I am excited to do this project no long how long it takes!  And I'll keep everyone up to date on any and all progress!  Thank you again for your support, and I'd love to get your feedback on my recent idea! Tweet This


  1. Awesome idea! We used cloth from the first moment our little one was born. I believe if more women were introduced at the hospital it wouldn't be something un-normal.
    One of my favorite pics of my lo is him under the blue UV lights wearing his KL0's.

  2. I think that is a great idea, Jamie. I know I would be more inclined to try cloth diapering if I was introduced to it in the hospital! I think you should definitely give it a try, it sounds like it may work! Good luck!

  3. That would be the place to be... I tell all the mamas who are preggo about cloth diapers but usually are skeptical because they don't have a chance to get their hands on them... you know, test drive.

    Another idea might be to go to ob/gyn and ask to leave info there. I've been trying to set up cloth diaper demos and I have one planned right now... Do you have biz card or some info I could give them?

    I'd love to help out as much as I can!
    CJR ((vetsmom_rgv(at)yahoo(dot)com))

  4. This is a great idea. Our son was born at Swedish Ballard in Seattle they only use cloth on the newborns there! What a great way to expose moms to cloth! Granted they were only prefolds but if moms could only see how easy and wonderful AIOs or pocket diapers are!

  5. Thank you @KatDale for the name of that hospital! I'll be checking it out for my photo journalism project now since its not too crazy far (5 hours).
    @newmami_rgv Have you checked out the cloth diaper educator demo kits from If you set up demis there's no reason you wouldn't qualify for them! It's a set of different types of cloth diapers and lots of brochures and info for people. If you're an educator its only $25 to cover shipping and handling.

  6. Ohh! Thanks Jamie... I'll check that out.

  7. I might be interested in helping with this project as a supplier of cloth diapers, but I think you might run into more resistance from the hospital than you anticipate. (Then again, maybe your hospitals are more open to this sort of thing than ours are around here.)