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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Content Planning

Here is a rough outline of my book content so far... imagine it via photography of course!

1. History of Diapering
.....a. Different Cultures
.....b. Invention of the Disposable
2. Health Concerns
.....a. Toxic Chemicals
.....b. Baby's Health (Rash, Athsma, etc.)
3. Environmental Concerns
.....a. Landfills
.....b. Water
4. Economical Impact
.....a. Cost Comparisons
.....b. Impact on the Business World
5. Cloth Diapering Today
.....a. Types
.....b. Washing
.....c. Hospitals & Daycares
.....d. Traveling Tips
6. Cloth Stories (Moms, Companies, Activists, Organizations) Tweet This

1 comment:

  1. Looks pretty awesome! I was thinking that I might suggest you put a little segment praising the blogger moms and online community who have so much information, support and more on their blogs.
    just a thought,