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Friday, February 18, 2011

A FREE Way To Donate $1

I am very excited to announce that Red Tricycle has offered to donate $1 to The Dirties on Diapering project for every person that signs up for their FREE online newsletter and puts in the 'referred by' box: "Dirties on Diapering"!!!  Red Tricycle has an exciting web page & newsletter too!  They have up to date information on things to do in your area with kids of all ages, news that relates to you, and ideas for food, fun, and travel!  If you are are equally excited about Red Tricycle, please head on over to: and make sure you put "Dirties on Diapering" in the referred by box to make sure $1 goes to the cloth diapering photo journalism project!  Don't forget to tell your friends!  $1 can add up!  We have until March 31st to sign up!  Now, GO! :-) Tweet This

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