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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Dirties on Diapering Twitter Party!!

I am soooo very excited for our first ever Twitter party!  Come join me, @sugarsnapphoto, on Twitter Monday, April 18th at 5pm PST!  Please include #dirtiesondiapering in all of your tweets so they will show up as part of the conversation! 
Wear your pajamas and bring your questions & comments about cloth diapers, the environment, & of course The Dirties on Diapering photo journalism project!  To check out the project, please head on over to

And get excited, because those participating in the conversation will have a chance to win great prizes!

1.  Kissaluvs is giving away two of their new v2.0 Antibacterial Pail Liners -- not yet available to the public!  These liners can hold several dozen diapers, are made from superior PUL (not nylon), and have elastic at the top to keep it secured to any pail.  And when it starts to get dirty, just throw it right in the wash with your diapers!  Please head over to their Facebook page and hit "like" -- tell them The Dirties on Diapering sent you!  Also, make sure you follow them on Twitter -- @Kissaluvs

2.  Montana Mountain Babes is excited to be giving away a handmade Travel High Chair!  This is very cool!  It attaches to any chair and keeps baby safe and secure.  The fabric is soft, yet sturdy - I'll be giving one away in an adorable gender neutral blue floral print (see photo).  Please don't forget to check out their webpage and to "like" them on Facebook!  This is one of my favorite handmade webpages for your little ones!  Adorable hats, clothes, slings, accessories, and more!

3.  And of course what's a twitter party about cloth diapers without a cloth diaper giveaway?  I will be giving away an Evolution ION One Size Pocket diaper and a BumGenius Elemental diaper!  Looove it!  Follow them on twitter @Evolutiondiaper and @BumGenius!

4.  Also, I will be giving away two poster size art prints of one of my photos on Etsy!  Please check them out here.  Winners will have their choice print!

To qualify for these great giveaways, please RSVP with your twitter handle as a comment on this blog & join the conversation!  I will try to update the RSVP list most every day.  But as long as you have commented, you are in!  Winners will be announced throughout the party.
Please make sure you follow @sugarsnapphoto and include #dirtiesondiapering in your tweets!

Tell your friends & bring your questions!  I will have some for you too!  This will be fun!

For those who need some help learning more about Twitter Parites and how to attend, click here for a great little beginners how to!  Hope to "see" you there!

When: Monday, April 18th
Time: 5:00pm PST
Hashtag: #dirtiesondiapering

1. @betterbottoms
2. @dolphin4176
3. @glassfishie
4. @jennhull
5. @G_Andrea_
6. @mamajhaha
7. @_tubbytelly
8. @bittybottoms
9. @lovinmomma8
10. @SAPsMaMa
11. @Mom4EverAndEver
12. @SticeMichelle
13. @soapsbysonia
14. @bumluxury
15. @screenmytweet
16. @martiferg
17. @ChaoticKarma23 Tweet This


  1. My handle is @dolphin4176 Now I just have to figure out how twitter parties work!

  2. I will be there! @glassfishie
    I hope this project will be funded by the end of the party!
    Do you have to be a backer to qualify for prizes? You should make that a requirement for one or two of the giveaways at the party.

  3. I'll be there just as long as the little one goes to bed on time! 5 pacific time is 8 Eastern time, right?

    My twitter handle is @jennhull.

  4. Yep, 8pm EST. A little earlier than most, but I didn't want to be toooo late or overlap the #clothdiapers chat just after mine.

  5. I'll be there for as much as I can! @G_Andrea_

  6. Fun! I'll try to be there, as @mamajhaha
    Thank you for this!

  7. @bittybottoms is going to try to be there! I'm excited for you!

  8. @SAPsMaMa I'll be there, remind me though!

    P.S. I have a blog post going up about your kickstarter project, It will post Sunday April 17th...hope it helps! :)

  9. I will be there @Sticemichelle

  10. should be able to make it @soapsbysonia

  11. I'm new to twitter so this will be a learning experience:)


  12. I will fit this into my schedule @screenmytweet

  13. So, I didn't know this at the time when I RSVPd, but my little brother's basketball game for charity starts at 7:00, which in my time zone is when your party starts. Is this something I can do from my phone? I'll try, but it's possible that I won't be able to participate.

    You guys have fun though if I can't make it! Oh, and WOAH! You shot from 73% funded last time I checked to 79% funded! Good for you!

  14. I'm attending! Happy to have found the party! :)


  15. i'm new to twitter, but i'm attending @em0138

  16. Here thanks to SaPsMaMa.