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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Basic Concept

"The Dirties on Diapering" is a project I am trying to fund through, a web site devoted to funding artistic and creative projects. I want to create a photo-journalism style coffee table book using my photography skills to capture the realities behind diapering. I have also been a writer and producer for a couple of different news stations in the Portland and Eugene areas before I became "mom," so I feel my journalism skills are adequate to take on the task! I want to use the book to help more mothers choose cloth diapering for their babies. The majority of moms do use disposables and this has to change. I want to try to show visually the damages disposables are doing to the planet, the risks moms are taking with their baby's health, the money parents would save in the long run, some history behind the disposable diaper, and of course how easy and cute cloth diapering is today! Many moms still have visions of pre-folds and rubber pants when they think of cloth. We have come a long way! If anyone has any ideas to throw out there, please share. This project will be funded by all of you and I would love your input! Thank you! Tweet This

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