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I have had some businesses ask about being in The Dirties on Diapering Green Business & Cloth Diaper Directory in the back of the project's book. If you are interested, please email me, Jamie, at

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am excited about the giveaways during round two of The Dirties on Diapering!  We started the week yesterday with the first random backer giveaway!
The first two backers to win free loot were Heather McNamara and Kassey Whiteford!  Congrats to them!!  They both won a set of Recycled Wool Dryer Balls from Kat Pittman -- a green SAHM and owner of The Yarn Box on!  You should check out all of the great items she makes! 
I will be giving away lots of different green products, including diapers, along the way!  So get your pledges in today to be eligible for drawings!  Every backer gets one entry every giveaway automatically!  Even just $1 will qualify you!  You can make your pledge here:

And if you are a green company interested in giving away your product, please email me
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