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Want Your Business To Be In "The Dirties on Diapering" Book?

I have had some businesses ask about being in The Dirties on Diapering Green Business & Cloth Diaper Directory in the back of the project's book. If you are interested, please email me, Jamie, at

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Friday, September 17, 2010


I am seeking green companies interested in donating products to give away throught the funding process for "The Dirties on Diapering."  Anything cloth diaper related would be wonderful, even if it's something small.  Other types of green companies excited to help the cause are also welcome too!  I want to give away gifts to random pledgers throughout the pledge-raising process in order to motivate people to pledge sooner rather than later.  I had a huge following at the end of my time and feel this will help make my photo-journalism project more successful!
If interested, you can email me (Jamie Wilkinson) at
Or my mailing address is 2911 SE 147th Ave., Portland, OR 97236 if you want to send me any goodies.  I'll take pictures of anything I receive and post it to my blog!
Thank you again for everyone's support!
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