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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Updates, Giveaways, Blogs -- OH MY!

It's been an exciting Round 2 with lots of give aways and more to come! We are already down to 16 days left, and funding is starting to slowww again! Let's get out there and spread the word any way we can! Here's what I have going right now...
I'm still nudging last time's major sponsors -- they haven't responded yet, so I'm thinking they are just very busy (especially BG with their exciting new prints). So I could use all the help you can with nudging them! Major sponsors from Round 1 were: GroVia, BumGenius, & Diaper Junction. Don't forget to remind them that they have to RE-pledge because nobody was charged during the first try and all pledges were void. And of course keep nudging ALL of your favorite cloth diaper and green baby companies! Anyone is potential major sponsor!
I've been talking to a local newspaper about an article about it! That's exciting! The Gresham Outlook -- a Portland suburb newspaper is interested in the story, but it probably won't be published until toward the end since the reporter writing about it won't be back in town until the 18th.
And of course, keep tweeting and writing about it! We've made it to $800+ with just small pledges! That's impressive! Every little bit counts!! Here's some links to a few recent blogs:
Mirthful Motherhood:
Diaper Parties by Tanya:
Thank you so much for spreading the word!!!! You guys are amazing!
Also, if you are in the Portland area, don't forget this Saturday I am teaching a Cloth Diapering 101 Class at Eco Baby Gear on Division at 1pm. Give them a ring to reserve your spot!
Thank you again everyone!! This is an exciting journey! Tweet This

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