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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's been a bit since I've been able to update everyone, but now it is time for a 4-day marathon!  The end of Round 2 funding is coming to an end this Saturday at 12pm/PST.
Today I am working on a winner's list so people have a place to go check if they have won!  We have been giving away lots of goodies, and there are more to come!  If you are a company with a giveaway, it's not too late!  Just let me know what you would love to give one of my backers and I will be sure to post it and get you the winner's information!
Also today, I am working on a general break-down of the project costs so that everyone knows where the money is going!  I've had a few questions about publishing and production costs.
If you live in the Portland, OR area be on the lookout for the Gresham Outlook tomorrow!  Wednesday's paper will have a story about this project!  I hope that will bring in the much needed last minute pledges!
I definitely need everyone's help spreading the word about this project!  I'm working hard to keep up with both the project deadline and my family.  I would really love to see us make it this time around!  I know we can do it!  Thank you again to everyone for your amazing support! Tweet This

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